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by - Tuesday, July 03, 2018

I was really excited when I saw the new Kozmetika Afrodita Hydra Patch line. The main thing that attracted me to the line was that it promised moisturising care and anti-pollution protection. I think that in today's modern way of living, these are two main things every skin needs. Even if you have oily or combination skin, your skin needs a proper hydration every day. I'm going to review all five products from the line. 


Although I have combination to oily skin, sometimes I love to use creams for dry skin as my night facial care. If I notice that I have dry patches on my skin, these types of creams help my skin recover faster. Because this is hydration cream, it's not that greasy and heavy on my skin, but it's still rich and helps my skin looks healthy and hydrated in the morning. I'm not using it every single night, but when I do, I notice a difference in my skin in the morning. I can easily wash out the rest of the cream left on my face. I'm going to continue to use it as my night skincare routine.


This is my go-to skin care product. It's an SOS for a tired and dehydrated skin. It is recommended to use it as a stand-alone skin care product for oily skin. I especially love using it if I didn't have enough sleep. It makes my skin look healthy, fresh and younger through the day. It's a good base for any liquid foundation because of its light formula and fast absorption. This serum really makes my skin looks more hydrated and healthy, without making it look greasy. 


It's really hard for me to find a good face cream, which I would be willing to use every day. I found that most face creams on the market are too greasy for my skin type, except matte face creams. But, my skin doesn't always have to look matte, sometimes it just needs a good, healthy hydration. That's why this face cream is a good addition to my skincare cabinet. Its formulation is very similar to the formulation of the serum. That's why I love to use it when my skin has serious dry patches and I want a solid, daily skin protection. My skin doesn't look greasy, it just looks more hydrated and healthy. 


These ampoules are the new generation of skin care. I've never used a similar product. When I first used it I was surprised by the effect it gave to my skin. It instantly felt hydrated, like it soaked up the whole glass of water. I've never had that feeling with any other skin care product. It is recommended to use a small amount of cream to cleansed and tones skin every morning and evening with gentle circular motion, but I usually apply around the whole face. You get seven ampoules in the package and it is recommended to use it seven days in a row. It's a real therapy and a treat for your skin.


I saved the best for the last. This eye cream is my favourite product from the line. I'm the type of person who always used to skip eye creams as a step in my skin care routine. I thought eye creams don't make a difference and that it's a waste of time applying them. Until I haven't found my perfect eye cream - this one. Now I'm looking forward to use this eye cream in the evening. Hydra Patch eye cream formula is really hydrating. While I'm applying it, it cools down my under eye area and it instantly feels better after a long day. I've been using this eye cream for three months now and it really makes a difference in my skin. Dark circles are gone, the skin looks healthier and my whole face looks younger. I highly recommend it. I think it's my favourite product for 2018. so far.

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Have you tried any product from Afrodita Hydra Patch line? Which one is your favourite? 

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